checking ledger is not posting at the end

i'm using Windows 8, just downloaded the 2019 quicken version.been using Quicken for a few years. The data that I'm entering into the check ledger was not showing up but the totals kept changing.  So upon investigating i found the entries in the middle of my 2016 entries.  help 


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    Check how your register is sorted.  Make sure it's sorted by Date.  If somehow the entries are dated 2016, check what year you are using if you are manually entering.
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    Also, check the date on your computer.  If it's seriously off, and thinks that today is sometime in 2016, and you input only the month and day of a transaction, say 1/10, Q will take the date value from the computer and save your transaction as 1/10/16
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    The date on my computer is todays date and year!   I worked it out, backed up from last month!
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