How do you change the font size on a report Quicken 2019 for Mac

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Can't find "Edit-Preferences" on my edit menu


  • Quicken HaroldQuicken Harold Moderator
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    Hello Lynn. Appreciate your question.

    Unfortunately, the fonts in the reports cannot be changed. They are set in a way to show the information provided.

    It appears that you were reading the help article for the Windows version of Quicken.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
    Quicken Harold
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  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser
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    You can add your VOTE for Report Formatting Options (which includes fonts selection).

    First, click on the underlined link above to go there, then click VOTE at the top of THAT page, so your vote will count for THIS feature and increase its visibility to the developers by seeking to have the features you need or desire end up in the latest version.

    I also highly recommend you to add your VOTES to related IDEAS found on the:Click on each underlined link, then follow the instructions to add your vote to more related ideas. Your VOTES matter!

    For background, you may want to read this post too. BTW, the columnar-type report is the basis for MANY other reports, as described in detail in this post a little lower; only the selection and formatting criteria are different.

    (If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.)
    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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