"Accept All" does not work well for Mutual Funds (e.g. 401K accounts)

I saw this related to MMFs but it is also true for Mutual Funds. When reviewing investment transactions, I almost always simply use "Accept all". This works for most transactions, but with Mutual Funds like some Fidelity retire accounts, they are constantly selling all of a Fidelity "stock" and buying something else. There are often a lot of these (10 or more). Quicken always makes me go through these one at a time to declare the cost basis method.

I know you can simply click Accept and then OK and not go into the cost basis screen, but response time is always very slow for this procedure (it always has been and I have been using Quicken since it first came out) and so is a continual waste of time with no benefit. 

This really two enhancement requests:
1) Make this process faster (usually takes 5+ seconds for each Accept/OK combination)
2) Provide a method to support a version of Accept All that allows a default response.

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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser
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    Your statement about needing to review Fund sales can be alleviated by selecting "Average Cost Method" for tracking the sales of a mutual fund. (Average Cost isn't allowed for other securities).

    Also, the needing to review only applies if you're selling less that ALL of a position ... and this is true for all securities, not just funds.
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  • Brian KingBrian King Member
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    Thank you. It is probably true that less than all of a fund is being sold. My preference, given that I do not have control over these transactions as they are managed by Fidelity, that I should be able to apply a default of Average Cost and have it apply to an accept all request.
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