Difficulty adding an annuity account to Q

I am attempting to add an annuity account from my USAA accounts. I already have IRA accounts and a mutual fund added to Q and when I try to add the annuity Q doesn't seem to recognize it exists at the bank. It does not give any error messages. The add account window just disappears after clicking on "Connect" and nothing is added to the account list.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to add the annuity to Q? I'd prefer it be automatic for update purposes.


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    You might want to check with USAA and ask about this.  Their FAQ states:

    What type of USAA account information can I download?

    You can download the transaction history for the following types of accounts:

    • Checking and savings accounts: previous 45 days
    • CDs set up as a savings account: entire history from when the account was opened
    • Bank IRAs set up as a savings account: entire history or from 1985
    • Credit cards: previous 90 days
    • Home equity line of credit: entire history

      Note: Home equity lines of credit should be set up as a credit card account on Windows, and a line of credit on Mac.
    • Investment accounts: previous 90 days

    An annuity would be an "insurance" product and USAA doesn't list that here.
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    Thank you. I will contact them.
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    Been there ... doing what I figure I must do to play by both Quicken and USAA rules.

    I just created a Quicken account by:
    1. Tools Menu
    2. Add Account
    3. Property & Debit
    4. Property& Assets
    5. Other Assets
    Once the account is created I use the "ACTIONS" menu (little gear top right of Annuitie's account screen) to Update Balance" with info I get from USAA's website or statements.


    Works for me.  Annuities don't offer much in the way of surprises..... so I updates are infrequent.

    The USAA annuity is an insurance product and at the moment doesn't down load.

    If/when you need to speak to someone at USAA ask for annuties. When I initially asked for Insurance
    to talk about the annuity I got transefered.

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