Error OL-221-A importing QFX file from HSBC NA

I can download a QFX file from HSBC NA (US) containing my transactions.   When I try to import into Quicken 2019, I get the error "Quicken is unable to complete your request.[OL-221-A]".  I am using Quicken 2019, version R17.6 (Build on Windows 10 Home Professional.

When I look in the Connection log I see the following entry:

==== OSU End (20190118/15:13:05) ====
20190118 15:31:42: Not all required fields present. Object: STMTRS missing tag: LEDGERBAL
20190118 15:31:43: 

I do see the tag LEDGERBAL in the QFX file. 

Can anyone help how to resolve this? Thanks. 


  • splashersplasher SuperUser
    edited January 18
    I had a similar issue with Target RedCard (the Target only card) if I did not specify a date range and used the default "all history" for the date range.

    I don't know what you have selected, but if you are using a default date range, used a specific range and see if it helps.
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