OL-221-B issue with Chase

I've been getting this error message with Chase... It looks like Chase has changed some of their parameters in data download so don't know if that's the problem?


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    Hello Kevin. Appreciate your question.

    Here is some information, including some troubleshooting steps, that should help you: https://www.quicken.com/support/error-message-ol-220-ol-221-ol-222-ol-223-ol-224-ol-225-or-ol-226-wh...

    Another option is trying to add your Chase accounts in a Test File to see if you get the same error(s) in a new environment.

    Hope this helps.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • Kevin KemperKevin Kemper Member
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    Thank you!  I'll check it out and see what happens... It's odd because all the other Chase accounts (checking, savings, personal CC) all work... It's only my business CC's...

  • MattMatt Member
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    I have the same issue, only with my business Chase Credit card account.  Called Chase and talked to their business tech support.  They passed the issue back to Quicken.  Said their file did download, with the Quicken requested format, so when I try to upload the chase QIF file into Quicken, and get the OL-221-B error code - that issue is a Quicken generated problem.  I already re-initiated the Chase account in Quicken, received a 2-step Authentication from Chase, and re-established the Chase account in Quicken.

    Tried the Chase bank transaction activity download for a date range from the first of the year to today, QIF file downloaded to desktop.  The import of data into Quicken R 17.6 gave me the same error.

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    I am having the same problem. I just migrated all of my account data to quicken because I was having trouble with Chase on an older, defunct program...only to find the problem remains even with a brand new Quicken.
  • MattMatt Member
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    Spoke with Quicken support today.  It's not them.  Spoke to Chase credit card today - it is their server.  Known issue with active trouble ticket, they should have it resolved in next day or two.  
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