Multiple Monitors - Q Sign in screen does not open on main monitor and can't be pinned to right moni

I'm using Q Premier 2019 Ver. R17.6 build   I have multiple monitors, and the Q sign-in box opens on a monitor other than the main monitor and can't be moved and pinned to the main monitor.   Other programs where this happens have the "minimize/maximize", "restore" and "close" buttons in the upper right hand corner of the window which allow one to drag the sign-in screen to the proper window, maximize the screen, and then close the application, so that the next time it opens, the sign-in screen opens in the correct monitor.    There may be other ways to achieve this, but after working with you tech folks for almost an hour, they couldn't figure out how to fix it.  This needs to be fixed, and would be a great improvement over the way Q currently functions.   Thanks


  • riddledriddled Member
    I have the same issue.  Quicken knows about it, it's been a problem for years.  I was hoping Quicken 2019 would fix it but it didn't.  Now it's even worse, the dropdown menus either disappear or appear on a different monitor.  What a pain.
  • clcecilclcecil Member
    I also have this problem. Before the last update, Quicken opened on the secondary monitor, and now it only opens on the primary and I have to manually move it to the secondary. There doesn't seem to be any setting in Quicken or the registry where I can force Quicken to open on the monitor I want. It's a minor aggravation, but an aggravation no less. 
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