I have used Quicken for almost 20 years, but need help

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I have used Quicken for almost 20 years, but for the last few months, I cannot get my bills to update to the correct due date, etc. I was working fine until summer 2018. I have tried all different ways to figure out how to make the bills show correctly but nothing is working. Can you help? I am using Quicken 2019 but this was happening before the latest upgrade. I am not getting any error messages - I can click on the bill and it says it is getting the latest billing statement but then nothing changes.


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    It sounds like you are using online billers available on the Bills & Income tab. I really like the concept and embraced it when it became available.  Then, about two months ago I noticed data issues with online bills that could only be resolved with a data file restore.  A week later, another issue with online bills.  I made the decision that online bill updates were not worth the risk of data file corruptions.  If you decide to "back burner" online bills, all you need to do is unlink the reminders from the online bills.  Once unlinked, remove the online biller and reestablish as a manual bill.
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    Thanks - I really liked it too and it was updating fine and then it just stopped. Some of my bills still update without issue but some don't. It is billers like Capital One, Sears and some others. I appreciate you taking the time!

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