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I have Q 5.9.2.  When I tried to get a report for expenses for payee summaries, I wanted check #s as well as dates.  However, the software would not provide this using any of the multiple attempts I tried.  Since I did not get what I wanted (needed), I have not updated my Q software.  My Q:  What am I missing?  Why wouldn't the check numbers appear on the summaries?

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    Hello Larry. I have an idea that might help with your current request.

    I would try making a New Transaction Report, name it "Payee", and select the Subtotal as Payee.

    Once the report comes up, click on the Columns option in the Grey section of the Report details and you can add the Check # and Date:


    Give this a try and let us know if this works for you or if you have any other questions..

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    Larry, the key nugget perhaps hidden in Harold's suggestion is the not-very-intuitive use of "New Report" on the reports menu. New Report is the revamped reports engine the developers have been working on for the past two years, which is not yet complete and is therefore a bit hidden from users who haven't discovered it. with New Report, you can create many (not yet all) of the same reports as you could get with the old reports which appear on the Reports menu beneath New Report. The New Reports allow you to select which columns do and don't appear in the reports, you can drag the columns around in any order you wish (as you can in registers), and you can adjust their width. 
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