HELP PLEASE — Bank of America statments not uploading to Quicken 2019 (Version 5.9.2).

I am missing about 3 months worth of Quicken automatic uploads from Bank of America... and they are random months. Then, when I try to go to the bank website and download manually, Quicken wants to "add" a new account instead of uploading to the existing account. I've never had this happen before. No matter how I try to problem solve this, Quicken will not add those random months to the existing account listed.

Any ideas to fix or work around this? I really do not want to manually put in all of these transactions.

Mac version — Quicken 2019 (Version 5.9.2)


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    Hello S. Appreciate your question.

    There are two ways to download from the bank:
    • Quicken Connect
    • Web Connect
    When you are downloading transactions directly from the bank, they are considered Web Connect accounts, and as you mentioned, they want to add a new account. This is true and very common when trying to catchup transactions.

    Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue is to allow the Web Connect data to download separately into Quicken and then move the transactions from the temporary account to your existing account.

    If you need assistance, you are welcome to contact Quicken Support and we will be able to assist you. Please request a screen share when you reach out of our Mac reps.

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    That's normal-your existing account is already setup to download transactions.

    The easiest way is to simply let it go ahead and let it add it as a new account. Then, select the transactions (sans the opening balance adjustment), and drag them over to your older account's name in the sidebar.

    After you have moved your transactions, then you can delete that freshly created account. (Control or right click on it's name in the sidebar)
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    I do not believe this behaviour is correct...but seems to reflect a bug. As of QM2015 v2.4.0, released Feb 13, 2015, the notes state:

    • Added ability to import a downloaded Web Connect (.qfx) into an existing account that is already setup for automatic download via Quicken Connect or Direct Connect.
    So though the above is a viable work-around, it does not seem to be behaving as designed. This should be reported using "Report a Problem" under the Help menu in Quicken. You may want to include a link to this thread also.

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    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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