Error OL-254-B

Using Quicken - Home, Business & Rental Property for Windows, 2019 Version R17.6 Build

When I use One Step Update I now get the following error screen. 


I tried restoring from back-ups and it did not help. I can update each account separately, one at a time, but I cannot use the one step update. I just built this file from scratch about 1 month ago because I was tired of constantly chasing down errors and trouble shooting (like having to reset the connect to my bank account every time I tried to update). Many of the problems I was having disappeared by creating a new file from scratch (at the cost of considerable time). At that time, I reinstalled quicken as well. I don't think I have the stomach to reinstall again. I do not use any piece of software that requires me to keep reinstalling. Is there another fix? My subscription renews in February, and I'm seriously questioning if its worth all the trouble. 




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  • Chris SChris S Member
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    Thanks for the link. I already tried to restoring a backup of my data (didn't work). I really don't want to re-install the software again (and I really shouldn't have to). My question was meant to either elicit another option, or to make it known that re-installing this software was not an acceptable solution to the problem. Software should work without needing to be reinstalled (repeatedly). No other software I use ever needs to be re-installed.
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    Furthermore, it's strange that I can update each account on it's own. So it's not the actual updating that's not working. It's just the one-step part that seems to be causing the issue.
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