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security report - quicken 2017 incorrectly includes realized gains in cash column

Frank BellFrank Bell Member ✭✭
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I was trying to see what my break even value would be on a stock position and ran a report on the security. The report incorrectly included a 'realized gain' line item after each sale entry. Because there were multiple purchase, sale, dividend, expense and split entries I made a spreadsheet to calculate the break even value which didn't agree with the Quicken report. Exporting the report into a spreadsheet and voiding the realized gain entries resulted in the correct value which matched my Excel sheet. 
Does anyone know if this has been fixed in the new 'subscription' version of Quicken?
There are some report display and print formatting issues also (extra lines, a '1' at the end of each line in the exported data, etc.) but the incorrect report data is the main issue.   


  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    > You said: "There are some report display and print formatting issues also (extra
    lines, a '1' at the end of each line in the exported data, etc.)"
    Yes, in Q 2017 or older, there's an untitled, normally totally hidden column at the end of each line, containing a "1". To get rid of it on paper, in the report view, snap this column shut by moving the "|" column separator at the right edge of the title line to the left as far as possible.

    > About the report
    AFAIK, if you have a Sale of a security, you realize a gain or a loss. Therefore, in an investment transaction report, this information is included.
    If you're trying to find out how much you spent per security, i.e., your Average Cost per Share, simply include a column by this name in your Portfolio tab's Investing view.
  • Frank BellFrank Bell Member ✭✭
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    The '1' in each row, along with all the extra lines, e.g. below:
           (2/7/2011 Scottrade Div Vodafone VOD      1.00
                                              VOD _DivInc 89.15   1.00)
    are a nuisance to clean up but that's all. The real problem is the incorrect total for the cash column (and maybe other columns I haven't checked).

    When I make a buy a negative number is entered in the cash column. A sell produces a positive number. Dividends and expenses result in positive and negative numbers respectively. Gain or loss should not enter anything. I don't get cash for a gain. I don't lose cash for a loss. The profit/loss value is the sum of everything spent and collected. An example:
    Quicken reports the following 
       Bought     100     -2,000.00
       Div                            50.00
       Exp                            -5.00
       Sold            50        500.00
       RlzdGain               -500.00       This is wrong. I didn't pay the 500.00 RlzdGain value.
       Total                   -2,045.00

     The table should show:
       Bought     100     -2,000.00
       Div                            50.00
       Exp                            -5.00
       Sold            50        500.00
       Total                   -1,545.00

    Profit or loss is a separate calculation. In this case it would be a loss of 500.00 on 50 shares if I didn't include dividends and expenses or a loss of 452.50 on 50 shares if I did. In each case I would still have 50 shares costing 1000.00 (plus / minus dividends and expenses).

    If you want to include a realized gain value fine but it is not cash and can't be summed into the cash transaction column. It produces an error there.                            
  • Tom YoungTom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I ASSUME the "report" you've mentioned here is the one that you get by clicking

    Reports > Investing > Investing Transactions

    I just ran that report in "subscription" Quicken and it works fine.

    The way this report works - and the way it's always worked for me, though I didn't pass through Q2017 - is that it is necessary to show realized gain or loss in the cash column because the "sold" dollar figure refers to the basis of what was sold. Accordingly, basis + realized gain or loss = "proceeds".

    In your posting of what Quicken is telling you about that security I'd expect the Sold line to read

    Sold  50  1,000   (50*$20)

    followed by a realized loss line of -$500.

    So if Q2017 is showing you that incorrect information I can report that the subscription versions (as of R16.14) has corrected that.
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