quicken 2019 won't load data after update

BrianBrian Member
I hadn't opened Quicken in a few days and when I did, it must've done an update. It was asking me to sign in with my Quicken ID so I did. It was running EXTREMELY slow but finally got to the point where my data should appear.

Although it appeared the data file opened, it was missing most of the data. All my accounts were there and other familiar information but the registers had no previous transactions.

I was in the process of setting up a new PC so I installed Quicken on that one and had no problem opening my data file.

That's when I noticed that the newer version 2019 Ver R17.6 Build seemed to be the problem. On the new PC where the data file opened correctly, it was 2019 ver R14.23 build

Now I am concerned that the new PC is going to automatically update my Quicken program and I will have the same problem.

Has anyone seen this with this release?

Both machines are Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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