Unable to send bill pay payments through Wells Fargo DC

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Has Quicken Bill Pay subverted 'bank' Bill Pay? I cannot get a 'send' or 'transfer' with my Direct Connect bank (Wells Fargo) to any of my existing accounts. I don't need a new headache with an unnecessary 3rd party storing my important information and I had Wells Fargo Bill Pay working just two months ago. I tried it to see that it would work.
I noticed in trying to set up a payment to one of my accounts (in Quicken Bill pay, as there seems to be no way to setup what bill pay service you are using) that a 'setup the Payee window' appears and seems to not know that they payment was being set to bill to an existing account. For ex;. to CITI Bank card or any others I have. Why would you need to enter this addressing and accounting number, phone for the receiving account if Quicken already has this information. By the way, a good Bank online bill payment service can use the account number and not need addressing info. That stuff is no paper bills. I don't let all that paper into my house. So, looking up the information is a pain and I was planning to setup about 8 accounts that I usually pay on Wells Fargo's website. Seems a waster of part of what my $3 monthly fee for Direct Connect was for. 
I cannot find clean user instructions or information on the status on using your bank's bill pay in Quicken and avoiding the Quicken Bill Pay intermediary that seems not to be working anyway. 
Brenda (Tigerwizard)

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    Hi @ Brenda Wiggins ,

    See this Article and comment back with additional information:  https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-...

    If you usually pay on the Wells Fargo Website, if seems you don't need Wells Fargo Bill Pay or Quicken Bill Pay.

    Are you near PNC Bank or Chase Bank Branch? Either one works good with Quicken, using a Direct Connect Connection. You can also call them as well.

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    Chyvan said:

    Wells charges $3 for direct connect, but I'm not so sure that comes with "bill pay."  Wells quotes $9.95 for that, and I'm not sure if it's extra or $9.95 for the direct connect and bill pay for an incremental $6.95.


    I'm afraid to test it because my direct connect is comp'd, and I don't want risk losing what I have for free and have to pay.  I know the direct connect works, but I've never put the bill pay through Quicken to the test to see if it works.  I just do my bill pays through the Wells Fargo website.

    It works, and I'm not so sure that initiating the bill pays through Quicken would buy me that much to justify a monthly fee.

    Since you have your 8 bills already set up on the website, would it kill you to just leave it alone?

    Chyvan the 3.00 is for DC only.  The 9.95 is for both DC and bill pay.
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