Rogers Bank website update - OLX File wont import into quicken

Granted, the OFX file from Rogers Bank needed to be modified before importing:

    (Edit to add Bank ID (After  </LANGUAGE> Tag) & before </SONRS> Tag – <INTU.BID>00001)

This edit was working perfect before their website update. I have tried on several occasions to contact them for support but they say I need to work with Quicken for resolution.

The error code I receive is: "Quicken is unable to complete your request. [OL-221-A]

And then about 6 lines down in the same error message appears [OL-221-B]

I am using Windows 10 and Quicken Home & Business 2018- Build - Canada Edition - Membership valid until May 18 2019


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    00001 is for BMO. They were having some trouble recently. Have you tried a different INTU.BID # from the FIDIR.TXT file?

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    Seems to me that the OP is entering the BID for one FI to fake a genuine BID of a non-participating FI to get around Quicken's partnership agreements.
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  • Hi all, I am running into the same issue with the Rogers Bank website update. They no longer support QFX files and I can't seem to import OFX files. Can you please help me with a work around? I'm hoping not to have to switch my credit card accounts :smile:
  • chimo77chimo77 Member
    what was working a month ago : download as CSV (excel file) , then using on-line free software , convert it to QIF format , then download ( I got transactions , but lost dates - had to add manually before accepting /recording)  - it seems that there is road block to that now. 
    I have contacted Rogers as to why in new version of their soft ware they don't have the QIF download option - they replied - they are working on it , and would give no indication as to when it would be on line .. 
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