Easy way to link receipt photos to credit card transactions

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I don't use the Quicken Mobile Snap feature because I don't have time to stop and enter transaction details in my little iPhone plus snap a photo on the spot.  I suspect most users, like me, never manually enter credit card transactions, but instead later download them and search for outliers.  Since I carry no cash and use my credit card for every purchase, manual data entry from my iPhone is prohibitive.

However, I do have time to snap a photo of the receipt at the end of the day at my leisure.  But, downloading the photo to my computer then uploading the photo to Quicken software, then earmarking it to a transaction is likewise very cumbersome. 

Here is my idea...   

Set up a new Quicken feature to direct photos of receipts to my computer in a Quicken-recognized storage space.  The download could take place upon starting up Quicken.  Then, after starting up Quicken and downloading all the credit card transactions, provide an feature to visually match the receipt photos to transactions (adjacent views), select and attach the photo to a transaction, and auto-remove the photo from storage.  Simple and workable.

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This ability is already offered with the Quicken Mobile and On the Web companion apps. Both Apps offer the option to scan/snap a photo, attach it to a transaction and upload the attachment to the Quicken Desktop software.


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