Quicken 2019 - Budget totals are incorrect on Current Budget Report

I do have several years of data converted from previous versions. 


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    What is the exact release number for your version of Quicken? Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to determine year/version, edition level  and release and tell us what it says.
  • 2019/R18.15/
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    Before I ask you to tell us more about why these totals are supposed to be wrong, please do the following:


    Validate your Quicken data file. It may have become damaged over time or if you ever had crashes, hang-ups or loops while running Quicken. Repeated crashes may eventually render a data file "broken beyond repair".

    Please run this exact procedure, skipping no steps:

    - Make a copy of your data file: Click File / File Operations / Copy.  Do not change any Copy Option settings. Save file under a new name in same folder as current Quicken data file.  (The Copy process appears to be performing a record-by-record copy of the data file and not just a simple binary image copy. This has been reported as recovering some otherwise not repairable files)
    - If Quicken reports an error creating the Copy file and you are using Q 2019 repeat the Copy process, but press and hold SHIFT and CTRL as you click File / File Operations / Copy. When prompted "Ignore errors that prevent file copy?" click "Yes".  Note: This may cause some data loss.
    - Open the copied file in Quicken.

    - Click File / File Operations / Validate and Repair. Click "Validate File" and "Rebuild investing lots", check to make sure the copied file is being validated. If you suspect that a damaged Quotes Price History causes your problems, also select "Delete investing price history".  Click OK. Let it run.

    - Fix any errors logged as not repaired by Quicken.

    - Click File / File Operations. Press and hold SHIFT+CTRL as you click Validate and Repair. The next popup should show "Supervalidate" somewhere in header or text. Click "Supervalidate File", check to make sure the copied file is being validated, click OK. Let it run. It might run for a while.
    - Again fix any errors logged as not repaired by Quicken.

    - Now close and restart Quicken using this new file and try your failing action again. If it works, keep using the new file and abandon the old one.

  • dgcoonesqdgcoonesq Member ✭✭
    I have the same problem with the totals on the budget report not accurately reflecting the total of the categories.  The totals, both income and expenses, are much greater than the sum of the categories
  • dgcoonesqdgcoonesq Member ✭✭
    I ran through the process you described and it produced not errors in the data file.
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    Hello Dgcoonesq,

    Are you able to provide us with the year and release of Quicken that you are seeing this issue in?

    Are you able to provide a screenshot of the budget report that is inaccurate?

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Tyka
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