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Do you still need to connect to Intuit online to download transactions?

I'll be brief: I've worked in IT for 30+ years. The #1 security method is, was, and always has been, "Minimize your area of attack."

So WHY does Quicken feel the need to upload all of my financial data to its servers before allowing me to download transactions from my banks?

Sorry, I won't buy a new version of Quicken until this "feature" is eliminated. You don't get my financial data. No matter how "secure" you claim your servers are.

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  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Good luck with that, it isn't going away and it has been there since One Step Update was instituted some time before 2008.  Over 10,000 financial institutions are accessed this way because the FI doesn't want to sign up and support the Direct Connect method of downloading.  Intuit provides the aggregation service to Quicken along with to other companies that pay them for that privilege.
    See this article for a description of the download methods, the one you have issues with is called Express Web Connect (Quicken Connect for the Macs):

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  • joegood666
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    edited February 2019
    Thank you for the reassurances. I decided to give Quicken 2019 a 30-day trial, set up an online account, and, sure enough, there was no longer an, "Uploading your data to the Intuit Cloud" message nor a lot of upload traffic whenever I tried to sync.

    Caching the data on download makes sense. Uploading data from my local machine made no sense.

    Gee... leaving Intuit improved Quicken. What a concept! :-O
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