In Mobile allow viewing either the current month or the previous month

It isn't clear to me in this new community site where to post suggestions and requests vs. someone please enlighten me and an admin please move this as needed.

Request for budgets in the mobile app; allow us to select viewing either the current month or the previous month in the app and easily switch between them to compare how I did last month to this month. (No special comparison needed, just let me look at current and last month's budgets and actuals.)

Right now, as soon as you hit the 1st of a month you lose all sense of how you did in the previous month. For categories where you didn't do well, you can't easily see what spending caused the issue since you can't see last month.

In our usage case, my wife uses only the mobile app and once the month rolls over she has no idea how she did or what her transactions were in a given budget area in the previous month.

We don't need lots of months, just current and previous is enough for the app. If we need more we look at the Desktop version or now (And in contrast to some other suggestions/idea, we don't need totals for the year. The rollover values tell us how we are doing on a cumulative/running basis.)

(Currently using Quicken Premier Windows 2019 with iOS Quicken Mobile on iPhone and iPad, but needed for all platform's mobile apps.)
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