Unable to add my Synchrony Bank Card account - CC-503 error message

I keep getting the CC-503 error message when I try to add my synchrony bank card account to Quicken.  I've successfully used the login user name and password to log onto the synchrony website, but still no success via Quicken.   

I've also contacted the synchrony tech support folks, and they say that it's a connectivity issue that Quicken has to resolve since I obviously have the correct user name and password.

Can anyone help please?


  • UKRUKR SuperUser
    Synchrony sponsors many store branded credit cards, many of them under the store name. Are you sure you are selecting the correct Financial Institution name when trying to add the account in Quicken?
    As an alternative, try to set up this account in Quicken by going to the credit card website and initiating a QFX file download and importing that file into Quicken. This should add the account correctly.
  • Following up on the previous response, if you are referring to a store-branded card, don't accept the generic Synchrony institution default that Quicken (at least my Q17 for Windows does this) offers up.   Look for your specific card in the pull-down.  In my case, this is what I saw when I eventually figured out the problem and was able to add my account.

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