Discrepancies in Rollover Balances & Budgeting Amounts

I use Quicken 2019 on Windows 10. I started using Quicken last year after using an envelope budgeting system and have kept both sets of books over the year. At the end of 2018, I transferred my rollover balances from December 2018 in Quicken to be the beginning balances in 2019. When I compare my balances in each category from Quicken to my previous envelope budgeting system  balances in each category, there are a few minor differences which I expected because of adjustments I made in one program but not the other. But other categories have major differences.

Question 1 - My Quicken rollover balances at the end of December 2018 are almost $3,000 greater than the rollover balances in my other program for the same date. I've used the same categories, entered the same transactions in both and my income was the same in both, so why does Quicken say I have so much more left?

Question 2 - Quicken puts my net paychecks in the Budget column, includes the gross amount of my paychecks in the actual column, then puts the taxes in tax/everything else with a negative amount. I realize this balances out the actual vs. taxes taken out, but I hate having categories with negative amounts and I get a warning at the top that tells me I have over-budget categories. I can't budget the taxes from the budget column, because they've already been excluded. Is there any way to fix that?

Question 3 - I figured out my budget in my envelope system and then put the same amounts in Quicken budget amounts for January. In the envelope system, the amounts balance with the amount of income I have. In Quicken, I have $90.56 leftover to budget each month. Can anyone give me an idea why that happens?

Thank you!


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