Retain Drop Down Menu In Full Screen

OK, Ive noticed an annoying trend whereas programs in full screen no longer show the drop down menus such as "file, edit, etc". How do I retain my menu access in full screen?


  • RickORickO SuperUser
    This is not Quicken-specific. It's how full screen works in macOS. To see the menus, just move your pointer to the very top of the screen. The menus will appear. And, by the way, keyboard shortcuts will continue to function whether their menus are in view or not.
  • No, this is specific to CERTAIN applications, Quicken being one of them. I'm VERY familiar with Mac OS and have been a user since 1987. I have modern Macs and NOT ALL applications behave as you describe. This is not desirable IMNSHO!
  • RickORickO SuperUser
    Can you point out a few apps that do not hide the menu bar when in full screen? I am not aware of any.
  • I should have used the term "zoom" not "full screen". In Quicken the menus vanish when simply zoomed....
  • RickORickO SuperUser
    Are you talking about screen zoom as enabled in Accessibility? If so, how are you zooming the screen? If not, I don't know what kind of "zoom" you are talking about since Quicken has no built in zoom commands.
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