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I am not getting any auto categorizations on downloaded transactions

Don Awalt
Don Awalt Member ✭✭✭✭
On Quicken/Windows, categories were automatically added to downloaded transactions. Now maybe this caused my problem on the Mac, but I migrated my data file over to Mac, and I have a whole bunch of my own categories that came across, and to clean things up I deleted all the standard categories that could be deleted. I thought Mac might learn from my edits what categories went with what as transactions were downloaded, but today, about 3 weeks later, all downloaded transactions still come across as Uncategorized - it makes no attempt to categorize anything (and I don't see a preference setting to change this behavior). How do I get it to auto categorize like on Windows, or does that not exist yet?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Accepted Answer
    The way to get Quicken Mac to "learn" categorization is to create a manual entry for a transaction categorized the way you want, and after you download your transactions, drag the manual entry over the downloaded entry; Quicken should merge them, and also "learn" for the future. That said, there have been some reports here in the past couple months that the learning part isn't happening as it used to for some users.

    The Quicken Mac product manager has hinted that they are working on adding functionality to allow users to edit/manage the rules for categorization, but we don't yet know how this will work nor when it will be released.
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