BUG: Can link AT&T in QWin but not QMac

See pictures, the first shows the bill added on Windows, awaiting next bill post. On Mac, it comes back and asks to send a text to one of my AT&T phones, which I pick, then it says Quicken cloud locked - sounds like a bug in the Mac version...


  • JTSJTS Member
    edited February 12
    Exact same error.
  • i can no longer download the AT&T bill into QWin.  It appears to long in to AT&T, asks to select a phone number to text a code. After I do this,  then Quicken gives error saying they cannot locate billers, try later.  I have tried for several days to correct..  When i first set it up a couple months back it worked.  Frustrating.  
  • Still no change in how this works in Mac, still get "Locked account" as shown above. Behavior is different on Windows side now, it has a drop down to pick a phone number to text a code to right on the user/password page, but after I enter user name and password, pick the phone from the ist on our AT&T account for my text, I get this, and I double checked user name and password multiple times - 

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