Random Budget Entries - Quicken Deluxe 19' - Windows 10

This is an oldie but a goody...

My working budget goes back to Oct, 15. About a month ago, random budget values started being placed in prior years monthly budgets after syncing with the cloud. This particularly happens  in the months preceding Oct of the 15' budget. There should be zeros in these months but when I sync, random values are placed. Random values are also placed in 16', 17', 18', and 19' as well. These values can range from $15 to $8000 and everything in between. For example there was $28,000 in my Bills: Electric budget line due to random values being placed in prior years monthly budgets.  This inflates my whats left column dismantling my entire budget. This happened in the past leading Quicken to completely remove the budget from the cloud and app. 

I have tried to fix this issue by....
  • Resetting cloud data with no change
  • Repairing Quicken desktop file. Reported no issues
  • Deleting and re-loading app

The last time this happened, I just went to the mobile tab and chose not to sync the budget. This option no longer exists in Quicken Deluxe 19'. I am now left with Quicken on the web, mobile app and cloud rendered unusable

Is there a way to not sync budget to the cloud? Surely I am not the only user experiencing this issue

Thanks in advance
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