Anyone having problems with Mobile & Web manually entered transactions downloading to desktop?

I routinely enter manual transactions via the mobile app.  I can see those transactions on the Web (aka Online or in the Cloud) version as well, but for whatever reason, those transaction are no longer downloading to the desktop version - this functionality appears to have stopped working about 30 days ago.  Given that the transactions are showing up on the Web version of Quicken that tells me it isn't a mobile app issue since the transactions from the mobile app are making it into the Cloud.  Manually entered transactions entered on the desktop version are showing on the Web version -- so it is as if the sync is only a one-way sync instead of the typical two way sync.  I have considered the possibility of resetting the cloud data (which replaces cloud data with desktop data), but that would appear to be the opposite of what I need since I have data in the Cloud that needs to get to the desktop version.  I should also note that I have initiated the sync from both the desktop version and from the Web -- regardless of how I try to sync, transactions in the Cloud are not downloading to the desktop -- and I have confirmed that the accounts I desire to sync (one cash account, and three credit card accounts) are properly checked to sync -- the upload from desktop to the Cloud works fine for these accounts -- it is the download of transactions from the Cloud to desktop that has stopped working

I would appreciate any recommendations that would solve this problem. 

By the way, for additional reference, I rely heavily on manually entered transactions -- I am pretty meticulous about capturing all transactions at the point in time when they occur and prefer this method to downloading transactions electronically from financial institutions because I can make sure the assignment of categories is correct from the very beginning, but for this to work effectively, I rely heavily on the mobile app and Web to enter transactions. I can't figure out why the downloading of these transactions from the Cloud to the Desktop has mysteriously stopped working.


  • How are you synching transactions from the desktop? Through One Step Update, or from the Mobile & Web tab >> Synch Now button? I enter  transactions via the web app, just as you do. But, I always leave the Synch option unchecked in the OSU settings, and manually synch from the Mobile & Web tab. I don't know if this will fix your problem, but you could try it.
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