Which Quicken and is support international?

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I have used Quicken Home XG2004 in the past and it provides everything I need.  What is the equivalent now?  And is support for Quicken systems international?  I am based in France but travel around.


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    Quicken is now only supported in the US and Canada.
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    Does this mean you can only use Quicken in the US and Canada.  Or does it mean that there is not help-support for users outside the US and Canada?
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    You can use Quicken anywhere but you need a US (or Canadian) address or phone number (I can't remember which) to purchase it and online services do not work outside of the US and Canada.
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    Quicken Home XG2004 was the short lived European version of Quicken.  The European product was discontinued some years ago ... 2004 MAY have been the last iteration.
    The current Q products can't read/import your XG data file ... but if your acquire a copy of Microsoft Money Sunset Edition, (it's free)  it can read you file and Q can import from Sunset.  BUT, as noted previously, you won't be able to download from any banks/cards/brokerages/etc.
    Also note that there are differences between Q US and Q Canada, primarily having to do with differences in the National laws of the 2 countries.
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    are you saying that there isn't a single EU (or France) - specific software program, similar to Quicken, but adapted to current EU banking regulations which supports transaction downloads from EU banks?
    Last time I looked, there was this German software:

    I don't know if they have a French or English language version.
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    Be aware that Quicken does not link to FIs/Banks outside the US and Canada (there are potential work-arounds; read the thread to the end for additional resources and tips).

    To purchase and use Quicken outside the US and Canada, see a detailed reply here: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/17332754/#Comment_17332754

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  • I'm living in the U.S, been using Quicken Home Deluxe since 2002.  I'm transferring to Croatia.  The only "online" support I use is "One Step Update" and the Quicken app on my Iphone (only to access my account when I'm not at home).  From reading the threads above...will this be available to me once I move overseas?
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    @Theresa_K ; The ability to download is limited to US banks for the US product and Cdn banks for the Cdn product.  You won't be able to download from any Croatian banks/cards/etc.
    I THINK, that you'll still be able to download into your US product while you're in Croatia ... but that ability will still be subject to this Discontinuation Policy: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-discontinuation-policy.
    I'm uncertain about whether the Mobile app will work while you're overseas.

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