• OrrinOrrin Member
    I have discovered, by myself, a very simple solution to this ol--1-b error.

    My initial situation: Suddenly, several days ago, in my Quicken 2017, in One Step Update, all accounts always failed with ol--1-b errors. However, from within their own register pages, individual account updates always succeeded. For many hours, over several days, I struggled with this ol--1-b error. I implemented every possible solution that I found by internet searches, none of which resolved the errors.

    My solution: I opened One Step Update, proceeded to settings, and de-selected all checkboxes. Then I selected just one checkbox, ran Update Now, and the single account update executed, without error. I then repeated those same steps for each account, one by one. Finally, I went to One Step Update, re-selected all checkboxes, and ran Update Now again. Then, for all accounts, One Step Update executed, without any further errors.
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