Face ID not working on mobile app

iPhone X with current IOS, Windows quicken latest version.  Face ID works fine with other apps but I cannot get it to work on the mobile app.  I turn face id on and enter a passcode.  Both slider buttons are on when I logout.  However, when I login again I have to sign in and the two slider buttons are now off.  Also, I look at Face ID in IOS settings and it does not show that Quicken has requested to use Face ID.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.


  • Face ID NG on iPhone XR.
  • I had the same issue. Face ID will not work if you log out of the app. You will need to enter the password to get back in. To use Face ID, simply shut the app by swiping up to close it. When you tap it again, the Face ID will let you back in. 
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