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cash in brokerage account

I knew that finally upgrading Quicken after more than a decade was going to hurt, and so it does. I wonder if anyone can supply any advice:

I've set up a whole lot of my own categories over two decades and need to use them in a whole lot of reports.  

I love the ability to download transactions rather than having to enter them all manually--especially in investment accounts, one in particular.

But I cannot enter my categories in an investment account.

And if I let Quicken set up a linked checking account, I still cannot enter my categories in the case of brokerage transactions. I can do so for my own cash deposits and auto deposits as well as checks I write; that is good. But Quicken uses the "category" field to indicate a transfer and, if I change that category, Quicken will delete the corresponding entry in the investment account.

So the way it looks right now, the only way I can have my personal categories when I prepare my taxes and do many other reports is to have an unlinked checking account and enter all my dividends and interest manually.

Even if I'd never made my own categories but used Quicken's, it seems this would work the same.

I tentatively explored creating a plain checking account at Merrill Lynch but it doesn't seem possible.

Please someone tell me I'm completely off and there's something obvious I'm missing.

Thanks for any input,


  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    You should be able to enter cash transactions with your categories in an investment account if it is not linked to a checking account, and, if the investment account is linked to a checking account, you should be able to enter cash transactions with your categories in the checking account.  Note:  When an investment account has a linked checking account, any investment transactions that use cash manage the cash using transfers.
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  • mshigginsmshiggins SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Jeanne can you give an example of a category you are trying to use that you are having trouble applying in your investment account?
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  • JeanneJeanne Member ✭✭
    I've spent a lot of time studying this, and it seems that I just couldn't use my old saved reports as-is, as templates. They didn't offer the categories I needed and I could not create those categories that are generated by Quicken (e.g., _DivInc). I'm not quite mad or stupid, just out of sync with how Quicken is working. (I told you, these are ooooold!)

    Many thanks. If you had not asked your questions, prompting me to "make my case," I might not have figured this out. Or anyway, it would have taken even longer.

    It remains true that you cannot enter "category" in an investment account (field doesn't exist) or change the category in a linked checking account (will delete the entry in the investment account)--for good reason. I can illustrate if you like, but I wouldn't claim that it is worth your time. There won't be many visitors trying to make the kind of transition I am trying to make. 

    But thanks again.
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