QW2019-CA Blue bot and "New" do not disappear

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Since sometime last fall, when I now adjust and/or save an entry in the register, the blue dot and word "New" do not disappear. I have to manually click on the cell and mark the entry as reviewed. Can this be set in preferences to disappear when the entry has been adjusted or saved? It adds an extra step in the review process. It did disappear in earlier versions.

I am using the Canadian subscription service and my version is R16.16 , build, year 2019


  • Any chance for a screenshot and which Quicken version are you using?  I have Home & Business version but I can't seem to duplicate your issue.
  • My quicken version is Canadian subscription R16.16 , build, year 2019

    The blue dot and "New" on the left side are the items in question. Usually, once I had adjusted and saved the entry or just saved the entry, they would disappear. Now I have to go back and mark them as reviewed.

  • I cannot duplicate your issue.  Maybe you are using the Starter or Deluxe version.  I'm assuming these are downloaded transactions.  Are they automatically going into your register?  I do not use One Step Update, maybe you do.  Either way, I would use the report a problem feature in the Help menu. 
  • Thanks Marc. I use the Starter version. The dots are assigned when the downloaded transactions are imported, which is good because they identify new entries. I do not use One Step Update either. It is just the extra step to remove them that has changed. Thanks for your suggestion.
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