Quicken and online bill pay direct through CHASE - it's great.

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Just found this out in another thread -
You can use Quicken and pay bills directly through your CHASE account. 
Before I found this out I ....  
- Setup Quicken Reminders and then enter payments into Quicken as they occur
- Setup my Chase website account for Pay Bills - and entered all my Payees
- After entering a transaction into Quicken -
- I would then go over to the Chase website & enter the Pay Bill transaction
- As the Chase payments would clear, they down download to Quicken and MATCH
- Done
Now I've started playing with my Chase checking account that I've been using for manually paying bills.  I've checkmarked in Quicken that this is a "Bill Pay" account.
After some One Step Updates - it appears that my Chase Payees list have now been downloaded into the Quicken Online Payee List.  Not sure yet how things all tie together, as it seems like some are integrated and some are not.
SO - How can I setup a Bill Reminder that uses the Online Payee List -
and NOT the overall Payee list ?
It seems like I have to go thru a couple of different screens between the ONLINE CENTER and the normal Quicken screens to get things entered, sent, status update, etc -
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    I do this with another bank, but the process should be the same. I only use what Quicken confusingly calls "manual" bills, i.e. not linked to an online biller.

    1. Go to Tools > Online payee list and set up your online payee. If you enter something in the Description field, it will appear in {curly brackets} at the end of the Payee name dropdown later. This helps distinguish the online payee from one that may already be in your memorized payee list. It also helps to distinguish multiple online accounts with the same company (2 Amex cards for example)

    2. When you add the bill reminder, pick the online payee you have defined. It should have <Online Payee> in blue in the 3rd column.

    3. In the Add a Bill Reminder screen, check the Use online bill pay box.

    For one-off bills (doctors for example), you can also set up a payment to a previously defined online payee directly from your checking register just by typing the payee name. 

    Note that deleting an online payee from Quicken's Online payee list does not delete it at the bank, you have to go to the bank's website and delete it there if you want to completely remove it. 

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    Thanks for the discusssion - I actually did all those things.
    The area that tripped me up was the - Online Payee List - vs the Reminder drop down list displayed when setting up the Reminder.  It appears, at least for me, that you have to be really careful in typing any chars to search the list to filter down to your item. 
    I had setup an Online Payee - ABC Tester - and it was not always showing up in the list.  But now I know that.... and can go look for my entries more carefully....
    Lastly - it does not appear that you can just Edit an existing Manual Bill Reminder to change the Payee (no drop down list) and make it an online bill pay - so, you have to Add a new duplicate entry, with all the same settings, and then delete the old existing entry...

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    just thought I would update....
    I had to re-do all my Reminders - but not too many - and it really works well.
    Anything I do in Quicken to enter a manual bill via my Reminder gets setup and sent directly to Chase... and it appears in the normal Chase Pay Bills screens and dialogs.
    So - I can enter a manual bill via these methods - and all the same results.
    - Quicken via the Online Center screens, payees, transactions
    - Quicken via the Reminders setup screens using the "online bill pay" checkbox
    - Chase via the website and the Pay Bills screen

    Though I do have one question..... the "lightning bolt icon" -
    Does it ever go away -
    or is it a fixed icon for any transaction created via online bill pay ?
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