online update ignores certain wells fargo transactions

ATM transactions are ignored from Wells Fargo both auto update or downloaded. This is what ignored transactions look like:
                        <NAME>ATM WITHDRAWAL
                        <MEMO>02/15 14011-D ST GERMAIN DR CENTREVILLE VA 0275K 3516

Is ATM recognized by Quicken, I tried changing it to DEBIT but that was ignored also.


  • Quicken HaroldQuicken Harold Moderator ✭✭✭✭
    Hello Win Logan. Appreciate your question.

    Have you tried making a Test File (File > New Quicken File, no mobile/web) to see if the issue happens in a new environment?

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
    Quicken Harold
    Community Moderator
  • I did make a test file, about 25 days of transactions were loaded, included the ATM transactions I was missing. I made another ATM withdrawal and waited two days for wells fargo to make it avilable. The new ATM transaction loaded, no problem with the newly created test file.

    I have about 5 years of data in my real Quicken file. How would I check for corruption?

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