How to Create a Transfer Category?

I charge all my bills and then automatically payoff the balance every month from my checking account.  The charges on the credit card show up as expense.  How do I create a transfer category showing a transfer of funds from my checking account to my credit card.  My only category options when creating a new category is income or expense.  I do not want this transfer to show up as an expense.

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  • Hi @Dangerruss ,

    You can't create a Transfer Category!
    You can create a New Account Register for your Credit Cards. For Example Mastercard. Once you create that New Register, it will show up in your Account List and in your Categories. The New Register will show up with Brackets around its name automatically.

    So when you pay off the Balance each month, it will be shown as a Payment on your Credit Card account Register. You don't use Categories but Transfers when paying off the Balance.

    2018-05-24  Ck# 3233 Mastercard [Mastercard] Memo reads Paid in Full. Under Payment is Amount Paid and the Balance.

    Then in the Mastercard Register shows:
    2018-05-24 Mastercard Amount Paid Balance.
    Category shows [CheckingAccount] Memo reads Paid in Full.

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