Chase does not expose entire account number thus does not download

I have a new Chase credit card that I need to download transactions.  I go thru the setup but nothing downloads.  I notice that in the account number field only the last 4 digits are displayed so assuming that is why it does not download any accounts.  Previous accounts showed the entire account number.  Is there a way to fix this?  


  • UKRUKR SuperUser
    When an account has been successfully connected for downloading, based on your user ID, the Account Number field is loaded with data that the bank supplies. The last four digits appear to be sufficient for the bank. Do not try to change that.
    If there already are new purchase transactions waiting to be downloaded, yet nothing appears either in your register or the Downloaded Transactions tab area below the register, please read this and follow instructions:

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    Also note that Q NEVER downloads "Pending" Transactions ... only those that have actually been posted to your account.
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    With Chase, you want to have a Direct Connect method download established and you have to login to the Chase website and grant approval for Quicken to make downloads.
    Searching for Quicken on the Chase website will provide a link to do that.
    Direct Connect downloads are free for non-commercial accounts.
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