Tangerine Fund price update not working


so I still haven't received a price update for certain Tangerine Funds since months - specific October.
When will this get fixed?
Why pay a subscription fee if things don't work.


  • What specific fund(s) are you trying to update?  I can try to duplicate it to see if it is working or not. Are they mutual funds or stocks?
  • AxelAxel Member
    Mutual Fund INI220
  • I did duplicate your error as I cannot download any quote for this fund.  I tried other Tangerine funds and couldn't get quotes on those either.  I tried some other random funds and all worked. 
    I would use the report a problem feature in the Help menu and add a link to this thread.  Hopefully a moderator will also see this thread and perhaps lend assistance.
  • I have been on another "string about this same topic.  I have been unable to update Tangerine INI220 since October 2018.  Many calls to so called "helpline" (…) were made, all with negative results. After nothing but frustrations with Quicken and the way they treat their customers, I just posted the following on my original string:
     "Well folks, we are clearly being given the runaround here.  It does not take 4 months to figure out such a glitch.
    I pretty much had enough of Quicken's attitude towards their customers and for one, I deactivated my automatic renewal that was due in May... 
    I wish you all the best, but I will not be renewing my subscription for a product that has only worked the way it was intended for only half the time I paid for.  I will be keeping my current version on a non-internet connected computer for now on, and enter my data manually, as Quicken forced me to do since September 2018 anyway."
  • Hi all, 

    Any fix for that? My Tangerine funds are not updated since Oct 2018 as well.
  • Does anyone knows when the problem will be fix. 6 month is way to long !
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