net framework 4.6.1

i am installing quicken 2019 on windows 10 and got message "net framework4.6.1 ".


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    tobaet said:
    i am installing quicken 2019 on windows 10 and got message ".Net Framework 4.6.1  CheckHealthOfDotNetFramewok():.INI file not found.". so that I can not install Quicken 2019 at all.

    I tray to install Net Framework 4.6.1 but I have got message that my  computer already  installed 4.6.1 or later version.

    Please help me to solve Net Framework problem.

  • GeoffG
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    You will need to do a complete uninstall with this utility.
    Then attempt the reinstall.

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    I had this same sort of issue trying to install the latest version of Quicken via the subscription download. It's a bug in the installer wrapper, it doesn't correctly execute the code to check for .NET

    If you've already verified your .NET install is good then you just need to extract the actual Quicken installation files out of the buggy wrapper. Use a tool like 7-Zip or other ZIP extractor and extract all the files from the Quicken.exe you downloaded. You should get a folder with a "Custom" and "DISK1" sub-folder
    Just go into the "DISK1" folder and run setup.exe you find, it'll have the traditional Quicken logo on it.

    Works like a champ. Why Quicken keeps distributing this buggy installation wrapper I don't know.
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