Payment Date Changes by Itself

After performing a reconciliation of a credit card statement, Quicken prompts me to set up an online credit card payment.  When I do this, I usually enter in a date a couple days before the due date.  However, as I tab over the the payee field, Quicken often changes the date to something much sooner.  I then have to go back to the date field to change it back.  Normally this second attempt holds, but sometimes it changes again before posting to my check register and I have to change the date in my check register before performing an update.  Why is this happening, is there a setting I need to possibly change?  Thanks for any help.


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    Are you open to suggestions? If so, why are you sending a check to pay credit cards? Most credit cards offer automated monthly payment options for full or partial balances. This shifts the burden/responsibility onto them. No lost check in the mail. No late payment fee. Peace of mind never having to worry about a late or forgotten payment. There is absolutely no downside.
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    Also please note: for online bill pay transactions, there usually is a requirement for a few days lead time, to generate and mail the payment so it arrives before the due date. This could be why the date is being changed on you.
    I concur with @GeoffG and suggest that, if you always pay the full credit card balance every month, you authorize the credit card company to withdraw the full balance from your checking account on the due date. That's what I do with all my credit card payments. Hasn't failed me yet, even when I'm away on vacation with no internet access.
  • Thanks for taking the time to make suggestions.  I doubt my bank is issuing a physical check to my credit card company, so I've never been concerned about having a check in the mail.  I do see the benefit if I'm on vacation for an extended period however, so I'll consider the idea of setting up an autopay from my checking acct.  I simply like the idea of getting the future pymt posted against my checking balance, which naturally happens when I set up the on-line pymt a reconcilation.  Can I post a similar autopay transaction rather than on online pymt after a reconciliation(which is just as simple) or would I have to manually create and post the transfer from my bank account (not as quick & simple) to get it into my ledgers?
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    Instead of marking the credit card payment as an Online payment, make it a regular transfer transaction within Quicken (or use a scheduled reminder (which is what I do)) and record the credit card payment when you reconcile (or receive the statement) with correct due date.
    I also make sure to have the payment recorded in Quicken before the due date, before the payment confirmation transactions are downloaded from both the bank and the credit card company. That makes it easier for Quicken to correctly match the downloaded data to the already existing register transactions.
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    I believe you missed my point. You do not setup an autopay from your checking account. You instruct/authorize your credit card company to deduct full or partial payment on the due date FROM your checking account. There is a big difference.
    Setting up a CC reminder is an easy solution to forecasting credit card payments as can be seen in this link.

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  • Sorry, my comment may have been poorly written, but I did understand your suggestion to have my CC company draft an autopymt from my checking account on a monthly basis.  I really meant to focus on getting the autopymts into my check register -- to better permit me to manage my cash flow.  You addressed this with the idea of using a CC reminder.  I will certainly check this out.  Thanks again for your help.
  • BarryBarry Member
    The original question is why does Quicken change the date on  the check--which is a valid question.  It drives me crazy and it did so with Quicken 2016 and now with the "improved" Quicken 2019.  What about a vendor payment, or a one-time payment?  

    The above 'answers' about changing a normal way of operating does not address the obvious flaw in Quicken.
  • Thank you Barry.  I agree.  I simply wanted to understand why Quicken would change the payment date I had chosen, but received advice which was more of a work-around.  It has always been sporadic for me but less of a problem lately it seems.
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