I accepted a downloaded Wells Fargo deposit but it does not appear in Quicken register

I did a transfer to Wells Fargo account at Wells Fargo site.  Quicken downloaded the deposit.  I click accept and deposit does not show up in register.  I validated file and file was good.  So I restored latest backup and repeated download.  Deposit downloaded again.  I accepted it but still it does not show up in Quicken register.  This is a new bug.


  • UKRUKR SuperUser
    Was this a new transaction or one that should have been matched against an already existing register transaction?
    If it should have been matched to an existing transaction and before you clicked Accept, did you verify that it matched to the correct transaction? It's possible that it mis-matched to an older transaction.
    Also, did you verify that your account register is properly sorted by Date and not filtered in any way? The transaction could have moved to a register slot off screen and can be found by scrolling.
    Please tell us a little more about this situation.
  • New transaction.  Register is properly sorted.  This was a $5000 deposit (transfer) done at the bank's website.  Quicken shows the correct amount in the on line balance but not in current balance or ending balance so it is definitely missing from the register even though I accepted the transaction download.  This is Quicken 2017 Home and Business.  There was a recent small update to the program.  I have to believe the bug was introduced with that update.  Or it is a Wells Fargo issue.  This is the second weird thing I have seen in Wells Fargo account this week though the other thing did not affect the register.  The second weird thing was I uploaded a transaction and the uploaded transaction also downloaded which I have never seen before but it did no damage to the register.  Both issues were a Wells Fargo account.  Other accounts have been behaving.
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