Savings Goals showing Uncleared Status

I am confused by the entries for savings goals showing a status of "uncleared" in my register. I don't remember this being the case the last time I used this feature. The only option seems to be to turn off the transactions but that also stops quicken from "hiding" the money. Do I just allow all of these uncleared transactions or is there another solution I am not seeing?


  • From C. D. Bales:

    "Do I just allow all of these uncleared transactions ....".  Yes.

    Savings goal transactions can't have a Cleared Status of "cleared" (or "reconciled") because they are not real transactions. The intention is that they will eventually be deleted (removed from the Savings Goal and the Contribution account) allowing the user to "spend" those funds. 

    Removing reconciled transactions from an account would wreak havoc on subsequent reconciles.

    Quicken has always prevented the user from clearing or reconciling savings goal transactions.

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