New "dynamically computed" Running Balance column on any report (where it makes sense) [edited]

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I'd like to have an option when defining any report such that quicken would add a "running balance" column to any report. For instance, if you ran a transaction report on an account including all transaction and clicked on this new "add running balance" feature, the report would look something like the register report.

.... as an aside, I'm not really sure why the register report is treated so specially anyway (on the "file" menu, etc). I'd like it to be on the Report menu and have all the flexibility as the other reports.
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    Hello All,

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  • griebt42
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    Please keep this request active. This would be a very helpful feature.
    If not the running balance part, at least move the register to be
    a "regular" report please.
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    Two requests related to running balances:
    - Include a customization option for the Spending by Category report, when used with a single account, to include opening and closing balances for the specified date range.
    - Add the ability to customize the Register Report and add it as a selection under Banking reports.
    The only workaround now is to export to Excel and spend a long time tailoring the spreadsheet to be organized and formatted like a Quicken report. Then to do the same at the end of each reporting period - typically monthly.