Extreme Delay in Authenticating My Bank

I have been waiting since February 1st, when I bought the premium subscription, for Quicken to authenticate my local bank for the bill pay feature with no activity from Quicken. Calls to support just offer the suggestion of waiting another week. Are others having this result? Your experiences will help me decide if I should cancel the entire purchase.


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    Hello kcatkins. Appreciate your question.

    Which bank are you working on setting up Bill Pay with? Is your account currently setup with Direct Connect? If it is, you should be able to access Bill Pay with Quicken. When you enter a payment, you should be able to click on "Edit Details" and you should have an "Online Payment" option available that you can setup your Bill payment.

    Please let us know so that we can assist you further.

    Thank you in advance!
    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    @kcatkins It's not quite clear from your post: are you using a bill pay service of your local bank, or Quicken Bill Pay™, the service provided through Quicken. @Quicken Harold above assumed the former, but I think you're referring to the latter?

    If it is Quicken Bill Pay, this is a service that is offer through a third-party company called Metavante. Quicken provides the integration, but the actual banking service is provided through Metavante under the Quicken bill Pay name. They are notoriously slow about getting new users established; assuming you have provided all the documents they require for sign-up, it's not unusual for it to take people 4-6 weeks, even more, to get the micro-deposits establishing their accounts. It's definitely frustrating -- but it doesn't mean the service won't be worthwhile once you wait out the long startup time. I would continue to contact Quicken Bill Pay (Metavante) support about once a week to check on the status of your sign-up. It likely won't help, but I'd still recommend doing that; it might at least let you know if they have your account flagged for any documentation they think is missing. My suggestion is to then wait it out to see if you finally get set-up, and then to see if the service works as you expected. you've already done the hard part, so in the long run, even if it takes another 2, 3, 4 weeks until it's set up, it's not worth getting upset about. 
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  • kcatkinskcatkins Member
    Dear Quicken Harold and SuperUser Jacobs,

    Thank you for your interest in my bill paying issues. I've studied my copy of Quicken and don't believe Direct Connect is set up.

    I am attempting to set up Quicken Bill Pay. My bank was Guaranty Bank and Trust Company (Colorado) last year, and on January 1st merged with Independent Bank out of McKinney Texas. 

    I will give Quicken Bill Pay another all next week. I appreciate the background information (really!), but 6 weeks to set up this service - with no communication as to progress (if any) in beneath my standards.

  • kcatkinskcatkins Member
    Today's Update: I called Customer Service today to ask why I could no longer log into Quicken Bill Pay. The rep explained that my account had been closed - my 2/3/19 request to set up Quicken Bill Pay had "timed out".  He confirmed that there had been no email sent to explain this action (or any communication, for that matter) and my only choice was to start over. I feel that Quicken has misrepresented their product and I feel, actually, that my only choice is to start reviewing other Mac financial software. 
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    This may seem like a technicality, but Quicken didn’t misrepresent the product — the third party provider they contracted with to provide the bill pay service screwed up. In the end, it doesn’t matter to you, of course, because you didn’t get what you were sold. Metavante has a poor reputation for their customer service and for getting customers onboarded; usually they’re “just” painfully slow, but your instance seems to go well beyond that. 

    I don’t know if it would do any good to talk with Quicken Customer Service (*not* Quicken Bill Pay, aka Metavante) to tell them you just want to register a complaint about their Bill Pay provider, and that you’ll be abandoning Quicken because the Quicken company can’t help with the problems with Metavante and doesn’t stand behind the service they have sold you. It might get you nowhere, but perhaps they’d refund your current subscription, or at least promise to report to management that they’ve lost another customer due to the incompetence of their partner Metavante.
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