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I am satisfied to work with Quicken 2015 - do not want a renewal.  However a renew shows up which blocks 1/3 of the transaction entry screen.  I have auto renew off in the my account section.  How do I get rid of everything regarding auto renew?


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    Please review your version settings in Help / About Quicken.
    You cannot be using Q 2015 if you have a Quicken ID account and you are getting the big nasty renewal banner plastered over a portion of your Quicken window. At some point in time you must have installed Q 2018 (US) or Q 2017 (Canada) and purchased a 1-year subscription which has now expired.
    I'm afraid to say, but you cannot get rid of the banner and there's no known backdoor around it ... other than renewing your subscription, of course.
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    Thanks- I checked Help - it shows Quicken Home & Business 2019, R16.16, 
    I certainly haven't intentionally updated my account or the program.  Other than the investment section I would prefer Quickbooks or other bookkeeping programs.  However the ad banner still shows that my account has expired and part of the screen is un- usable. 
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    @dbarber, You or someone using your computer would have HAD to purchase and install QW2018 (which automatically updates to QW2019) or QW2019 directly.
    Q doesn't do that itself, without a purchase and installation.
    Whenever your current Q was purchased, it came with a subscription ... typically 1 year if you bought directly from Quicken.
    That subscription has now expired ... so go re-read the last paragraph of UKR's reply here.
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