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Transamerica "This FI is inactive, we cannot connect"

I have contacted Transamerica support and asked if they support quicken. They do and provided me with instructions on how to download the quicken file

I tried importing to Quicken for Mac.  I received the error "Download  unavailable! This FI is inactive, we cannot connect." 

Ive tried this in quicken for windows and it works. Knowing that is works in windows, I contacted Transamerica support, told them its not working with quicken for mac but windows is ok. They advised to contact quicken because they already support quicken.  I contacted Quicken and they say to contact the bank and tell them to support quicken for Mac.

At this point I just want to request the feature to work as Im sure its not supported right now (I've seen others asking in the community:


But both sides are pointing the finger.  Can quicken support provide any information that I can pass on to my banking institution (Transamerica)?

Thank you,

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