Put the automatic reviewing of a downloaded transaction when saving any edit

"Quicken no longer treats the saving of any edit of an automatically entered downloaded transaction as though the transaction has been reviewed."

It should.
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Implemented with R19.34 Release.


  • italotech
    italotech Member
    Quicken 2016 (Windows) and prior marked my transactions reviewed (i.e. blue dot went away) when I edited them. Updated to latest 2019 for Windows and now it does not anymore. This should be a user setting. 

    For me this is a big problem because I download dozens of transactions from credit cards, etc, every week. Then I have to edit each one to put the right date and/or category. On one credit card the dates are always 1 or 2 days later than the actual day I paid for something even though it is correct in the monthly statement. 

    Anyway, if I don't manually mark each one as reviewed AFTER I EDIT AND SAVE THEM (Press Enter) - which is hard because have to switch from keyboard editing to using the mouse - then I can't tell which ones I already edited. Mark all as reviewed does not help if I don't edit the transactions in order or they move around because I correct the dates.

    Thank you.
  • italotech
    italotech Member
    This now works with June 2019 update. Thank you!
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