Feature Request: Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Accounts

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Quicken for Mac keeps getting better, and you can do a lot without touching the mouse. But like the last mile problem with public transit, you can't quite get everywhere you need without going back to mouse or trackpad. One feature that would really be a game-changer would be the ability to JUMP to any area of the app with a quick shortcut. Evernote uses this. So does the Postbox email client. So does Airtable. A lot of products are starting to include this ability to get anywhere in a couple keystrokes. This JUMP feature might give you a list of your accounts so you can quickly pop over to the desired account register. 

If not this approach, then bare minimum a simple COMMAND-# would be nice to allow you to go to up to 10 different account registers. The bottom line is, the faster it is to use Quicken, the more committed I am to sticking with it. I've been looking for alternatives for months and I was very close to abandoning Quicken altogether for spreadsheets, or Airtable. But Quicken keeps improving. Robust keyboard shortcuts, to this productivity and efficiency nerd, would take Quicken from good to great.
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