cannot download transactions for security service fcu

deactivated and reactivated  no luck, even adding new account using right or wrong password  gives this response  Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our servers.

Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support.   AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (CP_SERVER_ERROR:ccclient.203)  another message sometimes to error 102., One thing I noticed is when I downloaded manually from bank website then go to account status page and press update for manuel download it goes to the wrong url for the bank  It cannot find url  or website


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    For these types of issues, you're probably going to need to contact Quicken Support. They can view your screen, and if they verify there's a problem with their back-end service, get it escalated for resolution. 
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    Hello perry123,

    Were you able to get your issues resolved by contacting Quicken Support?

    Please let us know.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • they said to wait a day or two   but issue still not resolved
  • I will contact again and give you a outcome

  • so far it seems there's a conflict between my bank and quicken  here's the email from my bank.      Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing.  Due to the taxing effects certain third-party financial aggregators have displayed on myBranch Online Banking’s resources, we’ve temporarily blocked access to certain aggregators to ensure an uninterrupted online banking experience for our members.     What does this mean?


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    It means that one or more back-end services were swamping their server(s) devoted to online access, and rather than increasing their capacity, they decided to shut down access for those services.

    With Quicken Connect, a Quicken server logs into each bank, usually once per night, to download information for each Quicken user. It then stores the downloaded data until each Quicken user has their local copy of Quicken download their transactions from the Quicken server. This is what is referred to as aggregation. It is supposed to lighten the load on bank systems because there is once a day — typically during the quiet overnight hours — when the activity takes place. But if there are a lot of Quicken customers with a particular bank, it may be a lot of activity at once.

    Quicken contracts with its former parent company, Intuit, for all the back-end connectivity for Quicken Connect. Intuit also has its own Mint and Quickbooks products, so it’s impossible for us to parse whether the bank has a problem with specifically with Quicken or with Intuit’s aggregation service in general. It’s also not clear if the bank has communicated with Intuit about this — perhaps they could download at a different time, or break the download sessions into smaller chunks at different times — or just acted unilaterally to cut off access to Intuit. It’s also not clear from the bank’s statement whether this affects just Intuit/Quicken or other aggregation services.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much Quicken can do when a bank throttles or cuts off its aggregation services. If you contact Quicken Support about this, they may be able to escalate this issue to the Intuit team to contact the bank to try to work things out.
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  • ok bank has resolved problem thanks for all the input I learned alot
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