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Can someone tell me if the software allows this?

Hi - I trialed this a long time ago, but am hoping after all this time perhaps these features are now available. Under the windows subscrition  for Deluxe - am I able to do the following:

1. can i connect my bank and auto update to the software
2. can i connect credit cards to auto update to the software
3. can i connect accounts like john hancock 401K to auto update to the software
4. does this deluxe subscription allow for me to create my own categories to retag or reorganize my data when my checking account pulls in the information?
5. in the pay our bills - i saw things like pulling in your bills and seeing them all in one place, then a pay button to select...how does this work? I usually do go to multiple sites like Comcast for example and pay through the site. Is this pay option making a 'check' payment or a direct payment like ach? I generally use my bank app and can see things clear pretty quickly when I pay through a site like comcast. - I guess my point is if the bill pay option in quicken is making my payments to my creditors/utilities etc by a check, then, I'd rather continue to pay by going to the site. I've connected my bank to these payees so the payment is not by check - but a digital transaction

Thanks in advance for help with these questions.

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