Why can't more preference controls be added?

I would like to be able to edit the list of payees so I can remove the dollars, notes and etc.  I want to have a common payee to show up when it is added, but I want to fill in the rest because there are a lot of changes even though I use the same place to buy something.  Add more preferences!!!  Give us more like the old 2007!!  Also have where I can save a payee or not by checking a box in the preferences.  
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This is covered by the addition of QuickFill Rules, as of version 5.12.


  • jacobs
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    You can edit the list of Payees and Payee names: go to Windows > Payees (or Command-Shift-E). Double-click on a Payee name and edit it; changing a Payee name will change it wherever it appears in your database.

    For your second request, that's do-able, too, once you know a hidden trick. Type a Payee name, or start typing and pick the Payee from the drop-down list, then press OPTION-Tab to move beyond the Payee field. By holding down Option when you Tab out of Payee, Quicken will retain the Payee, but will blank out all the other fields (category, memo/notes, any splits, etc.) so you can fill them in from scratch instead of typing over what's there from the last transaction for this Payee. For instance, I got to Home Depot a lot, and as you say, each trip everything changes -- the category and notes are always different, often there are splits -- so Option-Tab makes it easy to enter every Home Depot transaction stating from scratch.

    For your third request: Payees will always be saved, because that's how this database works; however, there have been hints from the developers that they do plan to add a way to save a transaction in some way such that you'll be able to re-use it, like a memorized transaction in Quicken 2007. Exactly how this will work, and when it will come out, is currently unknown.
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    First I know I can change the payees, but in the old version, I could remove every thing, or I could change the dollar amounts, or leave all the splits without dollar amounts, like for a pay check.  Much less time to enter info. 

    Second, in the old version if I type in Home Depot, it would appear exactly as I edited in the payee window  So now if I hit option-tab, it clears everything and I have to reenter all the categories, dollars, notes, etc.  In the old version I type Home Depot, hit tab and it takes me to dollar column, tab again and it takes me to the first saved category, tab again to the next category or notes, or if I hit enter it saves the transaction.  Again the new one requires too much extra typing. 

    An third, yes I know ALL payees are saved now.  That is what I don't want.  In the old version, if I went to a certain restaurant only once in a year, the old version would NOT save it.  Now every payee entered is saved and you end up with a list a mile long.  In the old version, I could check a box in the preferences that would not save this payee or uncheck it and it would save all new payees.   

    So what I am saying is this new version needs more preferences from the old version.  I have been told 4 or 5 times by support staff on problems I had with the new Quicken this was coming soon.  I guess I would like to know what the time line is for soon.  I can do so much more in half the time in the old version over the 2018 version.  And I use both.  One for my farm and one for my personal accounting.  
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    This seems to be all functionality handled by the new QuickFill.
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