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I would like to create a budget report each month for the preceeding month that auto-selects only those categories that I exceeded.  I know I can do that manually be selecting/deselecting the categories within each report.  I was wondering if there was a simpler way.  Thanks!

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    I don't see a control to filter only overbudget categories in the Current Budget report.   For reference, I am using QW 2019 HBR.  Exporting to Excel and filtering would probably be just as much work as manually filtering the categories as you do today, so that is probably not a viable alternative.  

    I could see some utility (for myself) of having this filter convenient to the Graph and Annual Views in the UI - to consolidate and group them. Although, in the graph view, it's pretty obvious, for the given date range, the over budget categories. Not so obvious in the Annual view, though.  And, neither allows you to print out what you see in these views.

    Perhaps you can request this post turn into an idea post and see what sort of interest there is (via voting).  In the image, here's my view of where such a control could be placed to achieve your end, Reports>Spending>Current Budget>Customize Gear>Advanced Tab...

    2019 QW HBR

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    were you able to vote on this yet? If not, please do. Every vote counts.
    I just happened to look at the Monthly Graph view under the Budgets tab. Have you looked at that? It shows "xx.xx under", "xx.xx over" or "xx.xx left" for each category in your budget. Until there's a report that you can filter as desired, this might be a way to at least see where you're in the red.
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    @UKR Yes,  Voted on it the other day after it was converted to an idea thread.  I see only my vote.  I use Graph view as you suggest.  Its pretty straightforward to see over/under by category.    I really don't use reports too much, I was suggesting a possible solution for the OP.  But, as mentioned, I could see something like this useful for the budget UI as well.   Scott
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    Thanks Scott!  I appreciate the insight and the additional ideas for work-arounds.  I just voted for the idea.  We'll see what happens.  Thanks again!
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    Currently if I want to see which categories that I am over on I have to go line by line and compare it to the budget. I check this monthly and it would be great to have a have a budget that identifies those categories with a couple clicks. It would be quite the time saver. In my mind, it could be a box that would get checked as you are generating the standard budget report. Thanks!